Thursday, March 19, 2020

How To Add Featured Channels on YouTube

How to Add featured channels to your YouTube Channel for more visitors and possibly more subscribers!

Hey, we're back in the office tonight doing a how to video on placing a featured channel within your YouTube channel.

What we are talking about here is if you were on your channel or on a channel, and come down the right hand side, you might see something like this...

...but it may say featured channels.
I've added several different channels and here is one of them actually being my other second channel for my golf store. That way I can self promote back and forth across my channels.

So the two reasons main reasons that you would want to add feature channels is number one to do that cross promotion if you happen to have multiple channels.

Number two would be if you want to collaborate with others that are working in the same niche or in the same business field that you're working in. 

Chef Katrina happens to be one of my marketing mentors to teach, help teach marketing online.  Todd, the flipping hustler is just an online reselling friend who's got great videos and he's a lot of fun to watch and get to know as a as another re-seller.

What I'm going to do is show you how to add on a feature channel and how to edit the list of featured channels.

So we'll dive right into this as it really is quick and easy.


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