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Jeff Beeman Online is our Home Base for all things marketing and re-selling online. 

Here at this site you will find that we have diversified into selling on eBay for physical products and Affiliate Marketing for online digital, service and training material.  We work through this blog to provide  the most relevant and up to date services available to help run a  Part Time Home Business and possibly grow into a Full Time Home Business.

My primary goal for our services is to help the part time work from home business owner use the FREE or Low Investment options online to build there business. 

One of the quickest ways you can make cash online and off is to learn how to "Re-Sell".

Facebook Market Place and eBay are our favorite platforms and the ones you will find us posting about here the most.

Along with re-selling through these platforms the other marketing solution which can be set up virtually for free is affiliate marketing.

Both methods of creating a home business income have a learning curve but they also can intertwine with each other giving you the stability you may need as you grow. |

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